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  2. Thank you guys for all your help and assistance. In the end, I think the best solution would be to design a custom DAC that meets my needs, even if it takes me away for a moment from my main goal. I also think that if Digilent ever came up with Pmod ADC/DACs with a sample rate greater than 2 MSPs, this could be of interest to many people. Thanks! H
  3. I've now tried on a different physical machine with the following Intel USB controller. I'm now also using xhci instead of ehci/ohci. 00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Device a2af Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device 8694 Kernel driver in use: xhci_hcd Kernel modules: xhci_pci This is what lsusb shows: # lsusb Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 005: ID 046d:c31c Logitech, Inc. Keyboard K120 Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046d:c077 Logitech, Inc. M105 Optical Mouse Bus 001 Device 035: ID 0403:6010 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT2232C Dual USB-UART/FIFO IC Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub djtgcfg shows: # djtgcfg enum Found 1 device(s) Device: NexysA7 Product Name: Digilent Nexys A7 -100T User Name: NexysA7 Serial Number: 210292AA7671 # djtgcfg init -d NexysA7 Initializing scan chain... ERROR: failed to initialize scan chain I have Vivado installed, full install. I have cable drivers installed, sourced the settings file, I have utilities and Digilent runtime installed through .deb packages. This is on a fresh Debian 9.8 install. Nothing. Vivado shows "No device":
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  5. neocsc

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi Jon, thank you very much for the reply. I have tested the user demo in the following way: one HDMI cable from PC to HDMI in in the FPGA (J9) and another HDMI cable from HDMI out (J8). The internally generated pattern works fine but I am not able to get the pass-through buffer. Is there a sign for damage in the HDMI port on the FPGA or should I use another cable instead of HDMI to HDMI? Thank you.
  6. I'm working on a university project and I've programmed the stepper motor on LabVIEW and am using the digilent motor adaptor but the signal leaving it doesn't seem to be right even though the labview control is correct in the signal that it's giving it. It can run up to 30rpm but then it stops and doesn't run. I have run out of ideas and think the error must be generated from the connections in the motor adaptor but I have no idea why as the connections seem simple enough. Has anyone done it before and have a ready made program for it. This is the program I am using at the moment.
  7. I don't believe I have the same issue as this other person. He is able to initialize the scan chain with the init and -d argument to djtgcfg. I am not. I get: # djtgcfg init -d NexysA7 Initializing scan chain... ERROR: failed to initialize scan chain Moreover, this is not a virtual machine, the USB controller is real and not emulated. This machine has two NVIDIA MCP51 USB controllers. One controller is running on the ohci-pci kernel driver, the other on ehci-pci. Should I try to force the USB controllers to use xhci? If enforcing xhci drivers on the USB controllers is required to make Vivado work, it would probably be a good idea to inform the developers of this fact. I'm simply running a 100% stock Debian install on a non-VM computer. If this is indeed the issue I can imagine many others also experience the same but simply give up. This is far from easy. I am still stuck at "No device" in Vivado.
  8. Dejdys

    Different data from WaveForms and from LabVIEW

    Thank you for answer. I am using sample rate 8k in LabVIEW. Waveforms has 8k automaticaly on base 100 ms. Sample rate is the same in both applications. AD2.jpg
  9. Takeshi

    Zybo Z7-20 Pcam 5C Demo with YCbCr422/RGB565

    Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for answering my question. I understand that the MIPI-2 PHY can the YCbCr422 and RGB565 formats. Does that mean I can use the same source code(register settings) for the MIPI-2 PHY regardless formats? And could you tell me if the LINK(MIPI CSI-2 RX) can the YCbCr422 and RGB565 formats? Regards, Takeshi
  10. Hello I certainly miss something, but I cannot figure out how to trigger pattern with an AWG output. According to the reference manual: Each instrument generates a trigger signal when a trigger condition is met. It's rather easy to trigger the AWG and the pattern output with the scope, but I didn't figure out how to trigger patterm output with AWG. I certainly didn't found what a "trigger condition" is for an AWG. What I'm trying to do is to have two AWGs synchonized and one positive pulse at phase 0. I can imagine to use Ext trigger, and to wire T1 on T2, but that doesn't seems to make sens. Thanks for your help. default.dwf3work
  11. dougBe38

    Pmod TC1 reads too high temperature

    // Pins for tempmodule #1 #define CS 10 #define MISO 12 #define SCLK 13 // Pins for tempmodule #2 #define CS2 4 #define MISO2 6 #define SCLK2 7 #include <SPI.h> #include "Adafruit_MAX31855.h" Adafruit_MAX31855 Temp(SCLK, CS, MISO); Adafruit_MAX31855 Temp2(SCLK2, CS2, MISO2); double T1; double T2; T1 = Temp.readCelsius(); T2 = Temp2.readCelsius(); I power the Pmod TC1s with 3.3V, but no, I do not use any voltage translator.
  12. Hi! Since Digilent has no MPSOC boards right now. It would be nice to have HAT for Ultra96 board with several PMOD ports (4 or even more). (Similar HAT was already released for RaspberryPi.) What do you think about it ? I found almost the same request on another forum Someone want to order up to 100 boards.
  13. kotra sharmila

    sdsoc_opencv error

    Hi this is my logfile sds_filter2d_cv.log
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  15. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi @neocsc, Have you tried making sure the resolution is the same between the HDMI input and the HDMI output? thank you, Jon
  16. jpeyron

    Facing error in the rgb2dvi IP

    Hi @varunb, Here is another thread that discusses the PixelClk. If you havent seen the documentation for the rgb2dvi and dvi2rgb please look here and here. Here is a forum thread about making an HDMI pass through that might be helpful. thank you, Jon
  17. neocsc

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi Jon, thank you for the reply. Regarding your points: 1. Yes, they were connected properly. 2. I am not pretty sure if there is any damage to the HDMI ports in and out. The first time I connected the cables the FPGA was turned off, but the monitor might be on. Thank you.
  18. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi @neocsc, To clarify the HDMI-IN and HDMI-OUT ports only have the physical hardware to do the one named task I.E. 1) HDMI IN or HDMI OUT. Do you have the in coming hdmi from the PC connected to the HDMI-IN port on the Nexys Video along with the HDMI-OUT on the Nexys Video connected to the monitor? 2) There is a potential to back power the Nexys Video through the HDMI ports. To avoid any power up issues or potential damage make sure that the either the HDMI devices connected to the Nexys Video are not powered on or that the HDMI cable are not connected to the Nexys Video before fully powering on the Nexys Video. thank you, Jon
  19. Hi @Fez1234, I have moved your thread to a different section of the Forum since Digilent does not have any Lattice based FPGA boards, so we will not be able to provide specific help to you on this; as noted on this thread, our boards use Xilinx FPGAs. Otherwise, if you are starting out I would recommend taking a look at fpga4fun and asic-world as some good resources for getting started with FPGAs and the associated HDL such as Verilog. Thanks, JColvin
  20. JColvin

    Different data from WaveForms and from LabVIEW

    Hi @Dejdys, The noise band in WaveForms is actually the semi-transparent darker yellow band that you see in the background (more details on this thread). As for why the signals are different, my guess is that the sample rates between the two software are different so different data is being collected. What sample rates are you using for each setup (WaveForms and LabVIEW)? Thanks, JColvin
  21. jfranz-argo

    JTAG-SMT3-NC 3D Model

    Thank you Jon!
  22. So I have the BeagleWire FPGA cape for the BeagleBone Black and I want to send interrupts from the FPGA to the linux os on the BeagleBone every time a switch on the cape . The BeagleWire consists of the Lattice iCE40HX4K FPGA. I understand this is done through GPIO and that an interrupt request line has to be set up but I need specifics and a better explanation of how to actually code this is Verilog. I'm new to FPGAs, just starting out, so any help would be appreciated. Details regarding the BeagleWire including its open source software, can be found below:
  23. jpeyron

    Zybo Z7-20 Pcam 5C Demo with YCbCr422/RGB565

    Hi @Takeshi, I am under the understanding the the MIPI-2 PHY can the YCbCr422 and RGB565 formats. In the reference manual for the Pcam-5C here under software support (text linked below) it describes why we did not facilitate these formats and are using raw data. thank you, Jon
  24. neocsc

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi Jon, thank you for the reply. Actually, the HDMI project works fine for functions 1-5. The screenshot in my previous comment is related to function 7 in the uart menu. It does not input the HDMI in, just a strange pattern. I tried to reset it a couple of times and before of getting that image I got a blank image (when selecting function 8 it turned onto black). I checked that the HDMI cables are working (at least to output the video to the monitor). Thank you
  25. jpeyron

    Vivado sysnthesis fail..Pcam

    Hi @JulianPeter, I have reached out to @Ciprian as this thread has appeared to slipped through the cracks. We typically try to upgrade most of our project on the xxxx.4 version of Vivado. I am currently unaware when/if the Zybo-Z7-PCAM-5C project will be updated. thank you, Jon
  26. jpeyron

    Pmod MTDS Display dark Display after 10-20min

    Hi @MSchleeh, Here is a confirmed Vivado 2018.3 Zedboard/PmodMTDS on JA project. I have been running this project for the last 2 Hrs without issues. Please try this project and see if you still have the black screen issue. I would also try running your and or the attached project with the Pmod MTDS directly connected to the Pmod Port. Another thing would be to try using a different SD card. Not all SD cards are created equal. We have had the best results using Samsung and Scandisk SD Cards. thank you, Jon
  27. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi @neocsc, In the wiki for the Nexys Video HDMI project here it describes the different option you can choose from in the serial uart menu. Please attach screen shots/pictures of what options you are selecting and the result on the monitor. thank you, Jon
  28. Asmaa_as

    please help me

    Hi JCoLvin, I download and installed with labview2017 that give me as in the picture now if my instillation is corrected how i can generate for example "a sin wave or exponential wave by using wave generator of eeboard then appear this wave through oscilloscope of eeboard by using both toolkit and labview? Thanks
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