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  2. Ya okay, I rolled back the update and nothing changed. Any ideas or next steps?
  3. Hello! Recently my Analog Discovery 2 stopped working, only with the one computer I need it to work with. I've had and have used the device for about 2 months now, and after not using it for a day, it has stopped being discovered by waveforms or this PC. Now I have read the other posts on this board before creating this, so I will tell you what I am experiencing: - not detected by waveforms automatically, or in the list of devices in the "my device is not listed" menu - not detected in device manager - works perfectly & as expected with other PCs - this USB C port works
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  5. I bought the ZedBoard from element 14. In a few days as I was searching for related information, I got to Avnet, then, final to Digilent. The four resources make me confused. By the way another stupid question. Two USB cables were shipped with the ZedBoard. They are used to connect the ZedBoard to PC. One of the USB cable is Male Micro-B to Female Standard-A. The micro_B is to connect J14 or J17, the other end is supposed to connect PC. All USB jacks on PC are female, I have to find an unusual male-to-male USB cable to make the connection. Is the vender provided a wr
  6. Hello Again, There has been an update from yesterday , Actually the problem was that there were two vcap nodes created video_cap and vcap_mipi. I changed the name of the node in the system-user.dtsi from video_cap to vcap_mipi. After this the media device is probed and I am successfull in getting media graph as well. However after I set the media bus formats and resoltuion using media-ctl commands, when I try to capture images using the command as shown below I get an error and petalinux freezes. media-ctl -d /dev/media0 -V '"ov5640 2-003c":0 [fmt:UYVY/'"640x"480'@1/30' fie
  7. Hi, I try to create a boot image for a zybo zynq7 board with yocto for an academic project. I use the zeus branch for yocto and all needed layers and the creating process runs without any errors. I use Ubuntu 20.04, the zeus branch isn't validated with this version so there is a warning in the beginning. To create I used the following layers: - meta-xilinx-bsp - meta-xilinx-contrib - meta-xilinx-tools - meta-oe - meta-python In local.conf ich used MACHINE ?= "zynq-zybo7" and added the following lines: LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST += "xilinx"
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  9. Ah, I tried swapping out the USB cable for a new one and presto. Not quite sure why the other cable did not work with the CMOD s7 and did work with the USB-to-serial adapter, but maybe just a flaky connection in there somewhere.
  10. Yes, I installed all of the cable drivers when installing Vivado. Nothing appears in the Device Manager when I connect the Cmod s7, neither as a COM port nor as a USB controller entry. I tried connecting a USB-to-serial adapter I had to the same USB port, and it appeared right away as COM3. So the port and the cable are ok. I tried the Xilinx note 59128, but I can't get the batch file to execute under Powershell. I ran PS as admin, and executed the following: .\install_drivers_wrapper.bat C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2021.1\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64 C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2021.1\install.log
  11. Hello all, I am trying to capture images usong Zybbo PCam , I am using vivado design and petalinux project from digilent as reference. The reference project is in v2017.4 I am trying to implement that in v2019.1. I am able to build the project successfully , However I get the error saying "Failed to enumerate media (-2)" when I try media-ctl -p command . The following is the error seen in the bootlog. [ 0.923845] xilinx-video amba_pl:vcap_mipi: device registered [ 0.928401] xilinx-video amba_pl:video_cap: No Video DMA channel found [ 0.933648] xilinx-video amba_
  12. Hi @su_21 Leave the 100/400MHz ADC sampling frequency and skip the unneeded samples to reduce to the required rate, or perform averaging/filtering. Changing the ADC freq would affect the vertical range (and offset), would require new calibration. The 4x input clock is useful to reduce the jitter, to have better accuracy.
  13. Glad it's now sorted, looks like I was correct in my last post where I said... It is an issue if it's not on the board all together 😂
  14. Hello, I am working with ZedBoard. I have created a custom IP using Vivado for my project. I have tested the working of my custom IP by setting the registers using "Xil_Out32 function (Xilinx SDK baremetal application)" . I have also stored output data of my custom IP to text file on the SD card (using xilffs). Now my objective is to create a petalinux project and implement similar functions(how I have used in baremetal). I dont know how to use Xil_out and xilffs library functions in petalinux. According to my understanding these are specifiaclly used in baremetal application. (in Xilinx
  15. I have searched a little and understood that either i can use Script or Python, is this right? RS485 and RS232 has two differential lines, is it better to start with I2C or UART example? I would appreciate help figuring out the steps to do this if it is doable.
  16. Thank you for your advice. I will refer to it. Thank You Regards
  17. Thanks @Mario875,The problem has been solved, the problem is that ic1 NC7SZ66P5X is missing! Yes,I tried programming directly using the JTAG interface on jumper J17 that is same as USB-JTAG.
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  19. Hi @Alessandro Reineri, What version of Vivado are you using and which particular release did you use for the Arty Z7-20 demo? Thanks, JColvin
  20. Hi @PatrickTX, I presume that when you say the FTDI drivers are installed that you also mean that you installed the cable drivers as part of the Vivado installation (Xilinx answer record with some instructions here if you have not done that: Since you mentioned a COM port, I'm guessing you are using Windows 10 with Vivado 2021.1? Does anything appear in the Windows device manager under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers dropdown when you connect the Cmod S7? Some other things to check would be to try a different USB cable (some ca
  21. Hi @Sergey, I have sent you a PM with instructions. We have chosen not to post the application because much like FTPROG, it is very easy to overwrite the EEPROM on other chips and as far as I know not all device manufacturers have a way to restore their device. Thanks, JColvin
  22. While using Vivado 2021.1 with a CMOD s7, I do not see a COM port appear when the board is connected via micro-usb. The FTDI drivers are installed, but no port appears in the Device manager, so Teraterm cannot open a connection. Did I miss something?
  23. Hello everyone! I am a FPGA rookie programmer and I have recently bought an Arty Z7-20 board for a university project. I intended to write a simple RTL HDMI transmitter with TMDS encoder. However, I found difficulties in implementing the design on the target FPGA, although all simulations I run on Vivado stated the correct top-module behavior. I also tried to implement the Diglilent official HDMI out demo for Z7-20 package but it did not work neither. Any suggestions ? I am sharing all my project's files attached to this post. Thanks in advance to everyone which will provide any help. P.S
  24. Hello Attila, Thank you for addressing this query and making the suggestion to use record mode. Regards, AB
  25. @attila This is exactly what I needed! Thank you! I have already run the test sequence and it appears that the issue has been fully resolved. Respectfully, David Johnson
  26. Thank you for your help, this solved the issue. I was running WaveForms 2.21.3 but was missing the Adept Linux runtime. I am surprised that it even worked without the package. Device discovery is also much faster now. Thanks @attila!
  27. Hi @DurandA I don't notice any shutdown with latest WF version 3.16.3 or 3.16.31 from ctypes import * import sys import time from dwfconstants import * if sys.platform.startswith("darwin"): dwf = cdll.LoadLibrary("/Library/Frameworks/dwf.framework/dwf") else: dwf = cdll.LoadLibrary("dwf") hdwf = c_int() dwf.FDwfParamSet(DwfParamOnClose, c_int(0)) for i in range(10): dwf.FDwfDeviceOpen(c_int(-1), byref(hdwf)) if hdwf.val
  28. Hi @attila Thank you for your reply. I will try this and let you know. Thanks
  29. hey @joerg_sdid you find the settings for the xilinx d phy IP ? Please let me know as I am also looking forward for this solution. Thanks in advance
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